Patricia Castillo

Patricia Castillo


8th Floor Rangos Research Center
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Hand Lab

Ph: 703-304-9651


  • BS in Biological Sciences, University of Maryland, 2012

Selected Publications

Eddens T, Elsegeiny W, Garcia-Hernandez ML, Castillo P, Trevejo-Nunez G, Serody K, Campfield BT, Khader SA, Chen K, Rangel-Moreno J and Kolls JK. 2017. Pneumocystis-Driven Inducible Bronchus-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Formation Requires Th2 and Th17 Immunity. Cell Rep. 18: 3078-3090.

Castillo P and Kolls JK. 2016. IL-10: A Paradigm for Counterregulatory Cytokines. J Immunol. 197: 1529-1530.

Castillo P, Kumar P and Kolls JK. 2016. Dysregulation of intestinal IL17 signaling & the microbiome exacerbate autoimmune neuroinflammation. J Immunol. 196: 118.4.

Kumar P, Monin L, Castillo P, Elsegeiny W, Horne W, Eddens T, Vikram A, Good M, Schoenborn AA, Bibby K, Montelaro RC, Metzger DW, Gulati AS and Kolls JK. 2016. Intestinal Interleukin-17 Receptor Signaling Mediates Reciprocal Control of the Gut Microbiota and Autoimmune Inflammation. Immunity. 44: 659-671.

Lammers KM, Castillo P, Martinez Becerra MJ, Choudhary S, Santora D andFasano A. 2013. Sa1837 Neutrophil Fucntion in Celiac Disease. Gastroenterology. 144: S-317.

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

The university has a strong Immunology program with quality researchers in my area of interest. The student community promoted a welcoming and collaborative environment. The city itself was also very livable on a graduate student salary.

Research Interests

  • Immunology; Autoimmunity; Mucosal Biology