Kate Carroll, PhD

Kate Carroll, PhD



  • PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2020
  • MS in Genetics, Iowa State University, 2013
  • BS in Genetics, Iowa State University, 2010

Selected Publications

Hendricks RL, Yun H, Rowe AM and Carroll KL. 2015. Animal models of herpetic keratitis and their relation to human disease. In C. Chan (Ed.), Animal Models of Ophthalmic Diseases (pp. 1-10). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Carroll K, Hastings C and Miller CL. 2014. Amino acids 78 and 79 of Mammalian Orthoreovirus protein microNS are necessary for stress granule localization, core protein lambda2 interaction, and de novo virus replication. Virology. 448: 133-145.

Qin Q, Carroll K, Hastings C and Miller CL. 2011. Mammalian orthoreovirus escape from host translational shutoff correlates with stress granule disruption and is independent of elF2alpha phosphorylation and PKR. J Virol. 85: 8798-8810.

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

I chose Pitt because both the microbiology and immunology departments here are very strong and have a large number of faculty whose research I find interesting.

Research Interests

  • Innate Immunity; T Cell Exhaustion; Host-Pathogen Interactions