Abigail E. Overacre-Delgoffe, PhD

Abigail E. Overacre-Delgoffe, PhD




  • PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (2018)
  • BS in Chemistry and Biochemistry (Cum Laude), University of Oklahoma, 2012

Selected Publications

Overacre-Delgoffe AE, Chikina M, Dadey RE, Yano H, Brunazzi EA, Shayan G, Horne W, Moskovitz JM, Kolls JK, Sander C, Shuai Y, Normolle DP, Kirkwood JM, Ferris RL, Delgoffe GM, Bruno TB, Workman CJ and Vignali DAA. 2017. Interferon-γ drives Treg fragility to promote anti-tumor immunity. Cell. 169: 1130-1141. 

Overacre AE and Vignali DA. 2016. Treg stability: to be or not to be? Curr Opin Immunol. 39: 39-43.

Overacre AE, Kurtulus S, Sznol M, Pardoll D, Anderson A and Vignali DA. 2015. Combination immunotherapy: Where do we go from here? JITC. 3: 38.

Delgoffe GM, Woo SR, Turnis ME, Guy CS, Gravano DM, Overacre AE, Bettini ML, Finkelstein DF, Vogel P, Workman CJ and Vignali DA. 2013. Stability and function of regulatory T cells is maintained by a neuropilin-1–semaphorin-4a axis. Nature. 501: 252-256. 

Guy CS, Vignali KM, Temirov J, Bettini ML, Overacre AE, Smeltzer M, Zhang H, Huppa JB, Tsai YH, Lobry C, Xie J, Dempsey PJ, Crawford HC, Aifantis I, Davis MM and Vignali DA. 2013. Distinct TCR signaling pathways drive proliferation and cytokine production in T cells. Nat Immunol. 14: 262-270. 

Gu X, Nguyen MT, Overacre AE, Seaton S and Schroeder SJ. 2013. Effects of salt, polyethylene glycol, and locked nucleic acids on the thermodynamic stabilities of consecutive terminal adenosine mismatches in RNA duplexes. J Phys Chem B. 117: 3531-3540. 

Sakata K and Overacre AE. 2017. Promoter IV-BDNF deficiency disturbs cholinergic gene expression of CHRNA5, CHRM2, and CHRM5: effects of drug and environmental treatments. J Neurochem.

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

I transferred here after my 2nd year of graduate school because my mentor moved his lab from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to here. 

Research Interests

  • Tumor immunology; metastasis; microbiome