Nikita Trivedi, PhD

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

I joined in Fall 2013. I chose Pitt because it has labs that matches with my interests. The labs are very productive and the people are friendly. Pittsburgh is a nice and affordable city to live in. 

Doctoral Dissertation

Mechanisms of Germinal Center and Non-canonical B cell Responses

Education & Training

  • PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Pittsburgh, 2020
  • MS in Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2013

Research Interests

B cell biology; BCR signaling; Lipid inositol phosphates; Tissue resident B cell responses; B cell response to pathogens; Ig gene mutations


Cunningham A, Guentzel M, Yu J, Trivedi N, Klose K, Chambers J and Arulanandam B. 2015. Vaccination with the Live Attenuated Francisella novicida Mutant FTN0109 Protects against Pulmonary Tularemia. World Journal of Vaccines. 5: 25-36.

Di Niro R, Lee SJ, Vander Heiden JA, Elsner RA, Trivedi N, Bannock JM, Gupta NT, Kleinstein SH, Vigneault F, Gilbert TJ, Meffre E, McSorley SJ and Shlomchik MJ. 2015. Salmonella Infection Drives Promiscuous B Cell Activation Followed by Extrafollicular Affinity Maturation. Immunity. 43: 120-131.

Trivedi NH, Guentzel MN, Rodriguez AR, Yu JJ, Forsthuber TG and Arulanandam BP. 2013. Mast cells: multitalented facilitators of protection against bacterial pathogens. Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 9: 129-138.