Priyanka Manandhar

  • 6th Year GS

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

I chose the University of Pittsburgh because of its friendly environment and because the variety of research projects in immunology.

Education & Training

  • BA in Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley, 2014

Research Interests

Signalling, cell interactions, autoimmunity


Nancy P, Siewiera J, Rizzuto G, Tagliani E, Osokine I, Manandhar P, Dolgalev I, Clementi C, Tsirigos A and Erlebacher A. 2018. H3K27me3 dynamics dictate evolving uterine states in pregnancy and parturition. J Clin Invest. 128: 233-247.

Rizzuto G, Tagliani E, Manandhar P, Erlebacher A and Bakardjiev AI. 2017. Limited Colonization Undermined by Inadequate Early Immune Responses Defines the Dynamics of Decidual Listeriosis. Infect Immun. 85.