Louis C. Lau

  • 6th Year GS

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

I chose the University of Pittsburgh for its up-and-coming neighborhoods, relatively well-connected public transit around the city, and of course the faculty and resources I would have access to as a graduate student. The establishment of the Center for Systems Immunology further reinforced my thoughts that the Program in Microbiology and Immunology (PMI) was right for me to study integrative 'omics in the context of biologically interesting and relevant questions. Given our systems-level approach, we routinely collaborate with various other labs in both experimental and computational capacities.

Education & Training

  • BA in Immunology with Honors, University of California at Berkeley, 2014

Research Interests

Immunology; genomics; computational & systems biology; and cell/developmental biology


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Louis, K., Macedo, C., Bailly, E., Lau, L., Ramaswami, B., Marrari, M., Landsittel, D., Chang, A., Chandran, U., Fadakar, P., Yamada, M., Chalasani, G., Randhawa, P., Zeevi, A., Singh, H., Lefaucheur, C., & Metes, D. (2020). Coordinated Circulating T Follicular Helper and Activated B Cell Responses Underlie the Onset of Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplantation. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 31(10), 2457–2474. 

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