Kira Griswold

  • 5th Year GS

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

When I interviewed I felt there were a lot of research projects that interested me and I could see myself working on. I appreciated that the current students were really enjoying their time and projects as well. For me, it was important to be in a city and have access to the types of research where I would be comfortable for 4+ years.

Education & Training

  • BS in Microbiology, University of Maryland, 2018

Research Interests

Virology; cell biology


Lentscher, A. J., McAllister, N., Griswold, K. A., Martin, J. L., Welsh, O. L., Sutherland, D. M., Silva, L. A., & Dermody, T. S. (2022). Chikungunya virus vaccine candidate incorporating synergistic mutations is attenuated and protects against virulent virus challenge. The Journal of infectious diseases, jiac066. Advance online publication.

Iverson, E., Griswold, K., Song, D., Gagliardi, T. B., Hamidzadeh, K., Kesimer, M., Sinha, S., Perry, M., Duncan, G. A., & Scull, M. A. (2022). Membrane-Tethered Mucin 1 Is Stimulated by Interferon and Virus Infection in Multiple Cell Types and Inhibits Influenza A Virus Infection in Human Airway Epithelium. MBio, e0105522.

McAllister, N., Liu, Y., Silva, L. M., Lentscher, A. J., Chai, W., Wu, N., Griswold, K. A., Raghunathan, K., Vang, L., & Alexander, J. (2020). Chikungunya virus strains from each genetic clade bind sulfated glycosaminoglycans as attachment factors. Journal of Virology, 94(24), e01500-20.