Jessica Jana

  • 2nd Year GS

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

I feel that the community at Pitt is much more supportive than any other program I've interacted with, without compromising any of the quality in education, training, and access. Here I can be part of honest conversations about not just scientific ideas but also how to live a fulfilling, healthy, and balanced life.

Education & Training

  • Chemical Engineering BSE, University of Michigan, 2019

Research Interests

Cancer immunotherapy, microbiome, metabolism


Smith, K. J., Jana, J. A., Kaehr, A., Purcell, E., Opdycke, T., Paoletti, C., Cooling, L., Thamm, D. H., Hayes, D. F., & Nagrath, S. (2021). Inertial focusing of circulating tumor cells in whole blood at high flow rates using the microfluidic ctckey™ device for CTC Enrichment. Lab on a Chip, 21(18), 3559–3572.