Gideon Hillebrand

  • 3rd Year GS

Why did you choose the University of Pittsburgh?

Prestigious program with large selection of mentors.

Education & Training

  • BS in Molecular Biology, Grove City College, 2021

Research Interests

Bacteriology; Molecular Genetics


Pi, H., Chu, M. L., Ivan, S. J., Latario, C. J., Toth, A. M., Carlin, S. M., Hillebrand, G. H., Lin, H. K., Reppart, J. D., & Stauff, D. L. (2020). Directed evolution reveals the mechanism of HitRS signaling transduction in Bacillus anthracis. PLoS Pathogens, 16(12), e1009148.

Laut, C. L., Leasure, C. S., Pi, H., Carlin, S. M., Chu, M. L., Hillebrand, G. H., Lin, H. K., Yi, X. I., Stauff, D. L., & Skaar, E. P. (2021). DnaJ and ClpX are required for HitRS and HssRS two-component system signaling in Bacillus anthracis. Infection and Immunity, IAI-00560.