Louis D. Falo, Jr., MD, PhD

  • Professor and Chairman, Department of Dermatology
  • Member, Graduate Program in Microbiology and Immunology (PMI)

Education & Training

  • MD in Immunology, Harvard Medical School
  • PhD in Immunology, Harvard Medical School
  • BS in Biochemistry/Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Efforts of the Falo lab focus on developing a better understanding of cutaneous biology and skin immune function, and leveraging that evolving understanding to develop new skin-targeted strategies to modulate local and systemic immune responses. This includes the development of enabling technologies for the delivery of drugs, antigens, and immunomodulatory agents to the skin microenvironment.  These efforts span and integrate a full range of scientific investigation from basic bench research, through animal models, ex vivo translational studies of human cells and tissues, and investigator initiated clinical trials. Specific areas of investigation include:

  • Cutaneous antigen presenting cell function and modulation.
  • Dendritic Cell therapies.
  • Immunotherapies for Skin Cancer
  • The development of skin targeted vaccines and immunotherapies including “particulate” vaccines, cutaneous genetic immunization, microneedle array (MNA) mediated delivery of immune modulators and antigens.
  • The development of novel skin immune modifiers to better induce immune responses (“adjuvants”) or to specifically eliminate deleterious autoimmune responses underlying autoimmune skin diseases (“negative immunization”).
  • Oxidative stress and skin aging