Pittsburgh Foodie Tour

Since we were unable to host our interview weekends as in past years, we thought it would be fun to include some great eats for you to try during your time in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Foodie City Tour:


1.     Breakfast at Pigeon Bagels (recently listed by NY Times as top bagels in the country) in Squirrel Hill


2.     Take an international food tour in the Strip District: stroll through the shops from many different cultures between meals; you’ll see this is a weekly shopping trip for many locals


3.     Experience the country’s first restaurant incubator at the Smallman Galley in the Strip District for lunch.


4.     Work off that lunch with a walk down Penn Ave and Butler Ave to Lawrenceville for the afternoon and evening.


5.     This is a great food and drink scene, home to several fantastic breweries (Cinderlands Brewing, 11th Hour Brewing, Roundabout Brewery, Hop Farm Brewing), a ciderhouse (Arsenal Cider House), spirits producers (Wiggle Whiskey, Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery, Lawrenceville Distillery), craft cocktail bars (Bar Botanico, Bar Marco, Grapperia, The Forge, Apteka) and wine bars (the Vandal, Allegheny Wine Mixer).


6.     Assuming the weather is nice for dinner, check out a local favorite for Thai and pan-asian cuisine and newly renovated, Pusadee’s Garden in Lawrenceville. Their beautiful gardens give tranquility during your fabulous dinner.

  • Foodies with wheels might also consider award-winning locations, including Superior Motors in Braddock, Morcilla in Lawrenceville,Dinette in East Liberty (owned by the daughter of PMI faculty, Dr. Olja Finn), Stagioni on the SouthSide and the list goes on.


7.     Treat your sweet tooth after dinner with dessert from Butterwood Bake Consortium in Lawrenceville.