Pittsburgh Arts Tour

Pittsburgh isn't just about food. We have an incredible art scene for you to check out during your time here too!

Pittsburgh Arts Tour:

1.     Start your day with some coffee, as we’re considering latte art part of the art scene.  There are too many great coffee shops to list them all, but Arriviste is located near the start of the tour and serves exceptional coffee, along with breakfast pastries.


2.     Check out the latest exhibition at the Frick Museum of Art in the East End of the city, then make your way down Penn Avenue to Fifth Avenue and the neighborhood of Shadyside.


3.     Spend some time strolling Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside, home to many art galleries and weekend art crawls in the summer months (along with the Downtown First Friday art crawl and monthly Unblurred art crawl in Bloomfield).

4.     Continue down Fifth Avenue to the undergraduate campuses of the University of  Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Here you can park and enjoy lunch at Café Phipps, if you are a garden lover (wonderful blown glass throughout gardens), or the Porch (a University favorite and great outdoor lunch for nice weather).


5.     After lunch, we would  recommend visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art, with wonderful permanent exhibits, as well as excellent visiting exhibits. There is art here for all tastes in the art world.


6.     If you have a car, we’d recommend taking the short drive to the North Shore of Pittsburgh for the late afternoon and evening.


7.     Here  you’ll want to check out the Warhol Museum for an always fascinating look into Andy Warhol’s works, as well as rotating contemporary art exhibits on the top floors. First Fridays have a cocktail reception, if you time it right.

8.     We’d recommend ending the tour with a visit to the Mattress Factory, an exhibition art museum also on the North Shore. The collection is very well curated and always pushes your boundaries.


9.     Dinner on the North Shore would be terrific at Federal Galley, another restaurant incubator for new restaurants in the city, modeled after the Smallman Galley in the Strip District and first restaurant incubator in the country.


10.  Fig and Ash and Leo. a public house are other great dinner choices on the North Shore.


11.  Depending the visit dates, there is a wonderful symphony, musical and theater scene in the city. And terrific live music venues, as well. Be sure to check those out, if the timing works for your visit.

***  Knowing this is a virtual event for hopefully just one more year, check out Art All Night online. This is the most incredible free art show, lasting a mere 24 hours, allowing all entries and including a marching band performance at midnight, cannot be missed in a non-pandemic year. This event is typically held at the end of April each year in an old industrial building in the city. A real Pittsburgh jem and unusual art experience.